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First Name: Matthew E-mail Address: City: Los Lunas State/Prov: NM Country: United States Business Phone: 575-517-0004 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: Complete PA Biodiesel Supply 120 GPH centrifuge setup, Appleseed biodiesel reactor setup, wash tank, Murphy's Machines vacuum sucker tank, various chemicals (sulfuric, isopropyl, waste motor oil, waste veggie oil), filters, transfer pumps, 55-gallon barrels, 275-gallon IBC, assembly plans and receipts for everything. Over $2500 invested but asking only $750 for everything. I'd love to keep it but my new landlord says no way! Make my loss your gain. I need to move this stuff by the end of August. 08/01/2012
First Name: Steve E-mail Address: City: sebring State/Prov: fl Country: United States Business Phone: 863-655-4897 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: We have a setup for sale to make your own Bio-Diesel. Its practically new and is as pictured. We will sell it for only $1500 for the actual setup! if you want the chemicals that we have to go with it, we will sell everything for only $1750! We do not have the instructions on how to make the bio-diesel, just the setup to do it. Serious Inquiries only please, and if you need to reach us, you can call 863-655-4897 ask for Steve or Chris

Pics can be viewed at 05/16/2012

First Name: Steve E-mail Address: City: Chico State/Prov: California Country: United States Business Phone: 707.845.9397 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: BioPro 190--Never used. Purchased in Fall of 2007. The processor has always been in my garage. I just haven't been able to put any time into making biodiesel and continue to be distracted by other projects. I paid just over $10,000, but will sell for $7,000 or best offer. I am willing to deliver within 500 miles of me or I will pay for the shipping to you. 07/28/2011
First Name: David E-mail Address: City: Greenville State/Prov: Ohio Country: United States Business Phone: 937-459-0074 Describe "Wanted" item(s) in as much detail as possible: Biodiesal Processor 100 to 200 gallon 05/17/2011

First Name: Cherry E-mail Address: City: Milton Keynes State/Prov: Buckinghamshire Country: United Kingdom Business Phone: 01908 668239 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: This is all the equipment you need to convert 80 litres of waste oil into biodiesel. There is a processing tank, inline water heater, settling tank, condensing pipes - all assembled on a wooden base so it is raised above the ground making use easier. The equipment will also demeth the diesel (so that the methanol produced can be reused) and also demeth the glycerol (by-product of making biodiesel) so that it can be used for making soap or as a fertiliser. The cold weather this winter caused the inline water piping to crack and this has now been welded. There are various bits and pieces available with the processor such as two hand pumps (one used for methanol and the other for the finished diesel), buckets with lids, testing equipment, digital scales etc. Buyer will need to collect and dissemble or bring a couple of strong men to lift the equipment assembled into a van. Asking price £700 05/02/2011

First Name: Steven E-mail Address: City: Mandeville State/Prov: Louisiana Country: United States Business Phone: 850-217-9337 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: This is a 40 gallon biodiesel "Batch" processor. It has two settling tanks so that one can actually process two "Batches" at once. I built this processor from what is called the "Appleseed Processor" design. I have used it for around 6 months with great success, however now I work offshore for extended periods of time and no longer have a need nor the time to process fuel. I would like to sell it and I figure someone out there may be able to take advantage of picking up a processor at a good price. The unit cost me $700.00 to build. I am selling it for $300.00 11/27/2010
First Name: Andrea Davis E-mail Address: City: Albuquerque State/Prov: NM Country: United States Business Phone: 505-414-1282 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: Freedom Fuelers Deluxe with Drywash, 40 gal. We are moving and will not have room for this. We made about 4 batches. We will also put in our 1983 Mercedes 300D (diesel). $4700!! Great Deal!! :) Fueler with Steel Plumbing BioKleen 350 Drywash System Exclusive 1500 Watt In-Tank Heating System One-Piece Powder Coated Steel Frame New Built-In Oil Filtration System with 200 Micron Screen and Steel Barrel. Fueling Station The Fueler Deluxe also comes complete with the following components: New digital process timer with on/off and event planning. New built-in oil filtration system with 200 micron screen and steel barrel. Exclusive In-line Static Mixer with over 10 times the mixing power of other processors. New built-in temperature guage for easy process temperature readings. Our Auto-Prime System allows for easy priming of the pump. All steel plumbing with 1" brass/stainless ball valves. One-piece welded steel frame. Safer than a triangle stand. 100% draining cone bottom tanks. Built in explosion-proof methanol pump.(No pouring or splashing! Small air compressor needed.) Built in mist washing system. Easily wash your biodiesel. Exclusive built in methoxide mixing system. (Patent Pending) 720 GPH turbine pump. (Compare to 330 GPH). Titration Kit. Makes titrating your oil quick and simple! Digital Scales that measure from 1 gram to 3000 grams. Comes complete with a small batch kit! Eliminates bad batches. Processing Info and Specs: Converts even heavily used oils and fats. Completely closed system with built in 7' vent lines. Less than 30 minutes hands on time to make 40 gallons. Other kits take twice as long. Dimensions: 48in. Long, 24in. Wide, and 62in. High Weight: Non-heated: 200 lbs. Heated: 250 lbs.

First Name: William Divers E-mail Address: City: Fredericksburg State/Prov: VA Country: United States Business Phone: 5408095191 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: 275 gallon biodiesel prossesing kit steel funnel tanks made buy precision tank and equipment has pumps and internal heater which is a water heater moderl nice quality. 4000.00. 8/29/2010
First Name: Ethan E-mail Address: City: Hendersonville State/Prov: TN Country: United States Business Phone: 615-824-5994 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: Complete Plant in Lewisburg TN. 12 tanks, Reator, Steel Tank, Pumps, Hoses, Meters etc. Email for photos. Asking Price is $42,500 USD. Real Estate Availible seperately. Call Ethan @ 615-419-8579 or Allen @ 615-568-0017. 6/24/2010

First Name: Stephen E-mail Address: City: Notasulga State/Prov: Alabama Country: United States Business Phone: 979-229-2387 Describe "For Sale" item fully including the asking price: B-60 Biodiesel Kit from Florida Bio diesel. Used twice. Includes all chemicals and 45 gallons of Methanol to make product. $650 OBO Paid $1200+ new.6/9/2010

FuelMeister Plus. Complete system with extra 40 gal tank for water washing fuel while you start another batch. Purchased direct from Biodiesel Solutions. New price is $3995. My price is $2500 or make me an offer. Only used for 2 batches. Son in law started commercial operation so is easier for me to get biodiesel from him. Also I need the space in my garage. Good opportunity for someone. Thanks for your interest. Call Dan English:570.403.1205.4/27/2010

150 gallon tank set up, includes 2 drums, 2 retention tanks w/ metal caging full, 1 receiving tank, all parts, owners manual, in very good condition, pictures available, asking $6000 for all. 210-651-6868.3/15/2010
Pressure Meters, WVO Pump, Pressure Control high and low –Buy it Now $399

An assortment of things from our boiler system. Pressure meter 0 -30 psi 3 x Pressure controls (0-15 psi),

Fuses Cooper Bussman Inc, Dual Element, Time Delay fuse Current limiting class RK5, FRS-R-30 Amp, 600V

Waste vegetable pump (0.5gpm), AO Smith Serial # S48A64C28 ½ hp, 60/50 Hz, Type S, 1725 rpm Shiping will be either UPS GROUND or United State Postal Service. Alex Owen,(951)654-8015.1/20/2010

HONEYWELL BURNER CONTROL RM7800 L1012 Ultaviolet Flame (Buy it now $499)

Manufacturer: Honeywell Model Number RM7800 L 1012 120 VAC(50/60 Hz) Operating Temp (-40oF to 140oF) JR1 Pilot Flame Estimate 10 sec(intact), 4 sec JR3 Airflow Switch Check Disabled(Intacted), Enabled (Clip and Remove) Logic control to control flame ignition, firing rate, modulation,low and high fire switch alarms, lockout, interlock Size: 5”x 5”x4” The flame controller works very well!!!!! NEVER HAD A PROBLEM with in its 6 months of use

Shipping UPS or United State Postal Service. Alex Owen,(951)654-8015.1/20/2010

Pacific Centrifuge PC-5 Biodiesel and Glycerin 5 GPM Buy it now: $9,999 Retail price is $22,750 Power: 208-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 7.5 Amp Single Phase Incoming Flow Rate: 0.25 - 5 gpm (1 - 18.9 lpm) Outgoing Flow Rate: 0-4 gpm (0-15 lpm) for biodiesel 0-2 gpm (0-7.6 lpm) for glycerol Minimum Maximum Fluid 120°F (49°C) 160°F (71°C) Fluid 2 psi (0.1 bar) 30 psi (2 bar) Pressure Pneumatic 60 psi (4.1 bar) 150 psi (10.3 bar) Dimension: 25” x 25”x 44”

Pacific centrifuge seperates glycerin from biodiesel efficiently with its bowl design and air pneumatic controls. Pacific Centrifuge (PC-5) with input 5 gpm max at fluid temperature 120oF and pressure 30 psi. Centrifuge is used cone bottom that was manufacturer in 2006 and designed to separate 4 gpm of biodiesel and 2 gpm of glycerin output. The centrifuge comes with control panel and air pneumatic valves and hot water(50 gallons) heater for automated cleaning cycle.

Shipping: We will have a private freight company deliver unit. Depending on location changes cost of shipping. Please contact us for further information. Alex Owen,(951)654-8015.1/20/2010

Eurofueltech Biodiesel Reactor CR800 (1000L)- Buy It now $29,999 Retail price is $49,999 Eurofueltech Model: CR800, Serial #: 022200104420031, Manufacturer Date: 11/01/2007 Dimension: 64” x 74” x 34” Capacity: 1000L

New European designed biodiesel reactor for transesterification. Highly efficient heating and modulation with circulation pump. Simple turn on the circulation pump and set the heat the push of a few buttons. Compact biodiesel reactor that contains two 500 liter tanks that are insulated, 1 circulation pump, control panel that regulates heating element based on set temperature. Also has a sample port to drain and sample biodiesel. Alex Owen,(951)654-8015.1/20/2010

HONEYWELL BURNER CONTROL RM7800 Power flame vegetable and waste oil burner – Buy it now: $1,499 Retail price is $3000 Manufacturer: Power Flame Burner Model: LNC5-C-30 Yr. Built 1990 Serial No. L19652490 Invoice No. 83483 Type NAW Units Max MBH 6000 Control Volts Volts 115 Amps 5 Motor Volts 460 Amp 9 Motor Horsepower 7.5 Yr. Built 1983

Size: 50” x 36” x 24” Power flame burner model: LNC5-C-30, serial No. L19652490, Type NAW, 6000 MBH, 115 Volts, 5 amp, built in 1983. Used burner designed to burn with biodiesel or waste vegetable oil in good working condition. The burner comes with pressure gauges, inline heat exchanger, new igniter and new optical sensor. Alex Owen,(951)654-8015.1/20/2010

Unbelievably Low Prices (while supplies last):
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) - 50 lb bags - $49.95.00/bag + shipping. (min. order 5 bags)
1,000 gallon HDPE Cone Bottom Tanks (used once) - 3 Nos. - $1,075.00 each + actual shipping - (SOLD) 1/2/2010
40 gallon processor with timer,inline heater,instructions and titration kit. I also have access to 4 Nampa, Boise area restraunts where i collect my oil. This also includes 6, 55 gallon collection barrels, 2 wash bubble tanks with stands and oil collection pump. $3000.00 208-880-1708 Jack. 12/04/2008

Anyone interested in an Appleseed Processor Kit, Includes 80gal water heater converted to 100volts, 85gal Inductor, 15gal Inductor, all the plumbing and electric pump, 6 55gal plastic barrels, Titration kit, a box of supplies (filter/blender/jars/gloves/scale/much more) Also pump/filter/nozzle to get Bio into your vehicle. Can get you pictures. I'm not sure what to aask for I'm open. Please let me know if you have questions. 970 988-5971. Thanks.1/2/2008

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