DIY Biodiesel Plans

Want To Build Your Own Biodiesel Processors?
Yes, You Can!

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DIY Biodiesel Plans are a useful tool for building your own biodiesel processing equipment - if you are mechanically inclined, have a knack for putting things together, possess basic electrical knowledge, and can follow instructions.
Learn how to build an Appleseed Biodiesel Processor!
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Even for Do It Yourself Biodiesel Plan builders, building biodiesel processor kits requires commitment of time and the ability to understand and follow drawings and adherence to safe practices. If done right - rewards are plenty. You will be able to save money, but more importantly - you will have a sense of achievement.

In order for you to undertake such a project, there are several vendors from whom you can purchase detailed biodiesel plans including drawings, instructions, and a detailed list of materials for making biodiesel at home.

Did you know - Appleseed biodiesel processor is an open source design?

We will soon introduce affordable and custom built Appleseed Biodiesel Processors that truly represent diy biodiesel kits to serve your needs.

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