Diesel Test Kits
Testing Diesel Fuel for Quality

Diesel Test Kits: Are you concerned about the quality of your diesel fuel? Or, are you suspecting biodiesel adulteration in your diesel fuel supplies?

Would like to use quick and inexpensive initial screening tests before it is too late?

With the price of diesel fuel at an all time high, it has become more relevant than ever before to make sure that you get what you are paying for. If you regularly receive, store, and/or use diesel fuel, we offer an easy-to-use diesel testing kit. These testing kits are used in the field when you want to quickly learn about the quality of your diesel fuel.

BioDetect Diesel Test Kit: Use this testing kit to detect biodiesel adulteration in your diesel fuel. The test kit is used for detecting the presence of biodiesel to as low as 1%. If you are using jet fuel, heating oil, or kerosene, our Biodetect testing kit can indicate presence of biodiesel in them, as well.

Why is that important? In jet aircraft, emergency equipment, tactical vehicles, and in several other applications - where, due to the nature of equipment use, biodiesel blended fuel may not be desirable, this testing kit helps you screen the fuel to indicate whether or not biodiesel fuel is present. The test kit is also popular with marina operators, and fixed based operators at airports.

12 Kits for $119.95

Dissolved Water Detection in Diesel Fuel: This diesel fuel test detects entrained (dissolved) water in your diesel fuel before the water contamination causes damage to the engine.

The first part - visual clarity test will often reveal particulates such as sediment, glycerin, or microbial residue. In the second part of the test, a vial of water detection fluid is added to the fuel, allowing the detection of entrained water to as low as 100 ppm. At 500 ppm, the detection fluid leaves a distinct red ring at the bottom of the sample bottle.

Why should you care? Entrained water in diesel and biodiesel fuels is often a major cause of damage to the injector tips. A simple one minute test with results in 5 minutes far outweighs ignorance and could save you a bundle. Again, this test is popular as initial screening at the time of diesel or biodiesel fuel delivery, and for monitoring fuel quality in the storage tanks and at fuel dispensers.

12 Kits for $119.95

Determine Percentage of Biodiesel in Biodiesel Blended Fuel: This test identifies biodiesel blends that exceed a certain percentage of biodiesel. The FT-0130 test is intended for use with B5 (5% biodiesel) and will indicate if more than 10% biodiesel is present in the fuel. Incorrect mixing of biodiesel blends is one of the most common causes of fleet downtime since it can cause unexpected filter plugging.

Why should you check? Because if you are using B5 (5% biodiesel) blend, you want to make sure that your diesel fuel doesn't contain more of biodiesel and less of diesel. The test kit will indicate if the biodiesel in the blend exceeds 10%. One minute of testing with immediate results, can thus help you avoid downtime caused by unexpected filter plugging.

12 Kits for $119.95

Fuel Degradation (Acid Number) Test for Diesel: When diesel fuel degrades, the acid number value, a key indicator, increases. This threshold test indicates whether diesel fuel (or a biodiesel blend) exceeds industry specifications for acid number value. The thresholds are based on 0.3mgKOH/g fuel which is useful for both diesel and biodiesel blends.

Why use Acid Number Test? This test is recommended to be used as an initial screening test for fuel deliveries, and for periodic monitoring of fuel quality at the dispenser and storage tanks. The test can also be used as a vehicle maintenance diagnostic to detect degraded fuel in seasonal use vehicles. Works for diesel and biodiesel blends. One minute. Results in under 5 minutes.

12 Kits for $119.95

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