Diesel and Biodiesel Testing Kits
Diesel Testing & Biodiesel Analysis

Diesel and Biodiesel Testing Kits: Diesel fuel and biodiesel testing kits listed below are suggested to be a part of your diesel fuel quality testing. These are also essential tools for field quality assurance and biodiesel analysis for producing and using biodiesel fuel.

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How to perform a diesel or biodiesel test? Use the following diesel testing kits with easy to follow instructions for quick field testing.

While developed for diesel fuel testing, they can be used as biodiesel testing kits in the field for biodiesel blends - from B2 through B100 and are designed to provide immediate, and clear indicators of diesel and biodiesel fuel quality.

Biodiesel Fuel Test Schedule - recommended for all biodiesel producers and users.

Following biodiesel testing kits offer quick and easy results:

Water and Visual Clarity: Combination biodiesel field testing kit for visual clarity and water contamination test. Results within 5 minutes. Testing Instructions

12 Kits for $119.95

Microbial Testing: Microbial Testing Kit comes as a combination field testing kit to test biodiesel for the presence of yeast, mold and anaerobic bacteria. Results are available within 36 hours. Testing Instructions

6 Kits for $119.95

Testing FFA in Used Oil:

Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Test Strips- a quick and easy way to find the free fatty acids level in your used oil and other oils.

Particularly useful in the field, these FFA testing strips help you quickly determine the suitability of the waste vegetable oil (WVO) for biodiesel production. Many use the test result to negotiate a lower price for WVO that shows high level of FFA content in the used oil being collected. Each box contains 40 indicator strips (>2% to >7% level)

Box of FFA Test Strips

Acid Number: Acid number test kit provides a measure of biodiesel stability in the field. Results within seconds.

Of these biodiesel testing kits, choose FT-0120 for B5/B20 biodiesel blends, choose FT-0121 for B99 or B100 biodiesel. Testing Instructions


BioDetect Biodiesel Detection Test : detects the presence of biodiesel in standard (petroleum-based) diesel fuel.

Biodetect Field Testing Kit detects biodiesel at levels as low as 1% (B1). The detection limits are between 1% and 3% biodiesel, with percentages above 3% routinely and clearly identified.

The BioDetect test can be used as a pre-screening test for tactical vehicles such as emergency vehicles, aircraft, or in military applications.

In addition this test is used for detection of biodiesel in Diesel, Jet Fuel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene.

Use this test as part of standard vehicle maintenance to indicate whether biodiesel fuel quality testing is required. Testing Instructions

12 Kits for $119.95

Total Glycerin: The Total Glycerin test kit for field testing of B100 and biodiesel blends is the latest in our family of fuel test kits. This test requires no technical expertise or lab equipment and results are given for six levels, ranging from 0.05 to 0.5 (% total glycerin in mass), within two minutes immediately apparent. An ideal field test kit for producers or fuel diagnosis. Testing Instructions


Please note:

  • Biodiesel field testing does not substitute lab testing for ASTM 6751 compliance.
  • Shipping charges are valid for lower 48 states. Additional S&H for other locations.

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