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Multi-Fuel Pressure Stove: Adjustable Burner!

Equipped with preheater, and lantern parts, this multi-fuel stove is ready to use. It's available in your choice of 1 quart or 2 quart capacity in various finishes.

Read instructions and VHS tape instructions, fill the stove tank and light up! Preheats in the same manner as the lantern. Add pressure with O-Ring pump system. Pumps up fast!

When the needle is on the 3 bars, light the preheater, and allow the stove to preheat. E-Z pump can be used if desired. Comes with Funnel.

  • Height 6"
  • Tank Width 8"
  • Burner Plate 7 1/2" across the top
  • Empty Weight 4lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: Approx. 1 qt (1.01 liter).
  • 8K 10K BTU's
  • Runs 5-6 hours on oil based fuels on high.

  • 1 Quart Pressure Stove

    A limited number of 2 quart stoves are also available for an additional charge of $15.00 each.

    2 Quart Pressure Stove

    Multi-Fuel Lanterns:

    Petromax 500CP (shown with the optional top reflector) may be the prettiest as well as the most durable and versatile lantern on the market today. It is made of solid brass with nickel plating. It is made to withstand even the roughest terrains and shines with 500 candle power, the equivalent of 400 watts of electric light, which is 4 times brighter than most other pressurized lanterns.

    If set at a lower pressure, it burns for 32 hours on a qt. of fuel. The military significance of a lantern that would burn all liquid fuels from diesel oil to gasoline has made this lantern very useful for indoor and outdoor use. Can't get much more versatile than this.

    Petromax 150CP is the little brother with same great features but puts out 150 candle power.

    Each lantern comes with several spare parts at no extra cost!

    500CP Series

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    Petromax 500CP Lantern
    Petromax 500CP Top Reflector
    Petromax 500CP Carrying Case

    150CP Series

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    Petromax 150CP Lantern
    Petromax 150CP Top Reflector
    Petromax 150CP Carrying Case

    An EZ-Cook Adapter will let you cook on top of your Petromax 500CP Lantern. When using biodiesel, the adaptor turns the lantern into a biodiesel stove. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, it fits on all 500 candle power lanterns.

    EZ Cook Adaptor

    Sorry, Petromax Lantern and EZ-Cook Adaptor aren't currently available.

    BriteLyt Heating Adapter increases the heating output of your Petromax BriteLyt 500CP Lantern, allowing you to use your lantern as a heater. It can be used with, or without a mantel. It is useful to combine with the EZ-Cook Adapter giving you more heat for your stove. Heating, cooking, and light all from one lantern! Made of sturdy, stainless steel construction comes with two screws for attaching to your lantern. Always have ventilation when using these products.

    Heating Adaptor

    Arctic Biodiesel Stove: The Kuma Model Arctic is the latest addition to the Kuma Oil Stove line.

    A utility heater, the Arctic is small and light (14"W x 28"H x 14"D - 85 lbs. - 4" Flue) in design, but big on heat and efficiency.

    As Kuma's most efficient biodiesel oil stove with over 82 percent efficiency, it uses less fuel and puts out more heat.

  • No frills superior quality heating; a low cost alternative.
  • High efficiency, dual wall vaporizing burner
  • Outside air equipped; U.L. Listed; Manufactured home approved
  • Available in 10", 8", and 7" burner sizes, Outer convection shell, 24V thermostat
  • Durable laser cut, welded steel construction
  • Natural Draft, gravity fed; No electricity required to operate
  • Light weight for mobile or day use.

    Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for details about Arctic Biodiesel Stove.

    (in the lower 48 states)

    Kuma Arctic Biodiesel Stove

    Burner Size

    Kerosene Pressure Stove:

  • Very useful during emergencies and outdoor activities
  • Solid Brass Construction for a lifetime of use - K1 Kerosene
  • Disassembles so it can be carried in a backpack
  • Sealed fuel tank to prevent spills during transport
  • Produces a small, but very hot and efficient blue flame, no wick.
  • Approx. 9,000 btu output
  • Fuel Capacity - 1 quart
  • Weight - 2 lb 12 oz.
  • Dimensions - 8.25"(H)x8.5"(W)
  • Burn Time - about 3.5 hours
  • Has been in popular use in asia for decades

  • Kerosene Pressure Stove

    If you've never used a pressure stove before, read up. Pressure stoves burn kerosene vapor, not liquid. To do that, the stove needs to be preheated so that when the pressurized fuel is released up to the burner, it gets hot, changes to a gas, and the gas is then burned.

    The preheating process requires the use of a couple teaspoons of denatured alcohol. You can buy a quart of this at any hardware store for a few dollars and it will provide you with hundreds of lightings for the stove. Just fill up the little brass cup near the top of the stove with the alcohol, light with a match, and let it burn until the flame is almost ready to go out. At this point, start pumping the stove. This will cause the pressure to begin to build in the fuel tank, which will cause the kerosene to work its way up the center of the stove to the burner.

    The burner will be very hot, so the kerosene will boil and kerosene vapor will begin to come out of the top of the stove. The flame from the burning alcohol will ignite the kerosene vapor.

    The heat from the burning kerosene will keep the burner hot so the process will continue on its own without using any more denatured alcohol.

    If you don't want to take denatured alcohol with you when traveling, it is possible to start the stove using kerosene instead of denatured alcohol, but it requires two or three preheating cycles because the kerosene does not burn as hot as the alcohol.

    Please note: This kerosene pressure stove hasn't been tested as a biodiesel stove. If someone has experimented with biodiesel fuel in this stove, we would appreciate to learn about their experiences.

    Important Details about Arctic Stove: The performance of your Kuma Arctic Biodiesel Stove is directly related to the quality of the fuel. All Kuma Oil Stoves vaporize the fuel before burning it, and are up to 82% efficient.

    Biodiesel made from 100% soybean or canola oil from a refinery burns very clean with minimal coking in the burner. When biodiesel is used that is made from waste vegetable oil, there can be suspended particles as well as suspended water that becomes solids in the burner bottom when burned. Kuma Oil Stoves will burn these fuels fine, however there can be more maintenance of decoking and burner cleaning.

    Biodiesel also has a higher density than fuel oil. Since all Kuma Stoves are natural draft and gravity fuel flow, they depend on a consistent viscosity of the fuel. When biodiesel cools, it thickens, thereby inhibiting stove performance. Special consideration is needed in the area of tank location, exposed lines and filter etc.

    Tank heaters, heat tape, fuel additives, using bioheat (20% blend of biodiesel with petroleum oil) as well as and indoor tank location are some of the solutions available.

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