Biodiesel Processing Equipment

R700 series is easy to use Biodiesel Processing Equipment that helps you in making biodiesel at home. These bio diesel processor kits have steel reactor and chemical mixing tanks including several enhanced features, normally found in biodiesel equipment that are several times more expensive. Know the facts before you buy...

Guaranteed Lowest Prices - Fast Delivery - Right to your Door

Reliance Biodiesel Processor Kits: Our new and improved 70 gallon home biodiesel production units comprise of 16 gauge steel professionally welded, and pressure tested reactor and chemical tanks, heating element, and associated appurtenances, as indicated below:


  • Reactor Steel Tank - Capacity up to 70 gallons with easy to use Temperature Control (PID) with large LED Temperature Display and Dial Thermometer for process temperature verification. Has heavy duty sight glass at various batching levels.
  • Chemical Steel Tank - With 20 gallons capacity, the chemical tank has a Manway for quick removal of catalyst holding basket, and heavy duty sight glass at various batching levels.
  • Processor Pump Open type, all cast iron construction, clog resistant, high volume (up to 115 gallons/min) flow impeller with Viton seals, and Stainless steel components with ceramic seats; 1 HP 115V Single Phase Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC) 3450 RPM motor.
  • Control Box 115VAC, 31 CFM Muffin Fan with air filter and vent; Low oil indicating light for safety; Low Oil Safety Circuit with Low Voltage Float Switch; Solid State Electronic Components with Overload Protection; Circuit Breakers; and Fuses
  • Military Grade Sealant for all plumbing connections to prevent leakage
  • Methanol Recovery Condenser Unit is included
  • Steel Basket in the chemical tank to hold the catalyst
  • 5,000W Heating Element 220VAC with standard 20 Amp Single Phase Plug
  • Drain Cock on reactor tank for oil sampling for titration
Optional Equipment: Add a biodiesel dry washing tower kit to make your biodiesel equipment a complete unit. The kit comprises of:
  • Ion Exchange 6" Dia. Tower - 9.5 gallons/hour
  • Ion Exchange Resin - 21 lbs.
  • Metering Pump - 9.9 gallons/hour
  • Necessary Plumbing Supplies - Assembly required
  • Caster Wheels under Heavy Duty Processor Frame for easy mobility ($100.00 Value - Free with Models R701T and R702T)
  • Cautionary Note

Know the facts before you buy.

We encourage you to compare Reliance Biodiesel Processing Equipment (R700 series) with processors made by other manufacturers. Whereas we focus on the features that are most important to you, our competition offers cheaper and less of what's important and more of what you don't need.

    R700 series changes everything. Among other things, for its capacity - it offers steel tanks vs. poly tanks by the competition. Time and money saving features such as air compressor, air operated pump, methanol condenser etc. are standard. Due to our ongoing effort for constant improvement, the processor image shown here may slightly vary from the actual biodiesel processing equipment

    Best of all, even with the optional - dry wash system in lead and lag configuration included, our processors cost over a thousand dollars less than the competition.

    Due to our ongoing effort to constantly improve, the processor image shown above may vary from the actual biodiesel processing equipment

Why pay more when you can buy a better biodiesel processor direct online, and SAVE!

When you order any of our R700 series processors, you pay only the initial deposit of $5,000.00 using the "Pay Now" buttons. Balance payment and freight charges are due prior to shipment.

Order Now with
$5,000 deposit
Reliance R700T
70 gallons/day
Plus $429 shipping

Reliance R701T
70 gallons/day + dry wash unit
Plus $459 shipping

Reliance R702T
70 gallons/day + Lead & Lag dry wash unit
Plus $479 shipping

Shipping charges are valid for the lower 48 states. For other locations, additional charges will apply.

    Reliance R700T: Premier Biodiesel Processing Equipment with production capacity of 70 gallon/day. The processor comes with standard features as described above.

    Reliance R701T: Premier Biodiesel Processing Equipment with production capacity of 70 gallon/day. The processor comes with standard features as described above, plus one (1) biodiesel dry wash tower with a 9.9 gallons/hour metering pump and, 21 lbs. Ion Exchange Resin.

    Reliance R702T: Premier Biodiesel Processing Equipment with production capacity of 70 gallon/day. The processor comes with standard features as described above, plus two (2) biodiesel dry wash towers with one (1) 9.9 gallons/hour metering pump and 42 lbs. Ion Exchange Resin for Lead & Lag configuration.

When you buy any of our biodiesel processor kits, you are assured of:

  • Best built processors; little to no assembly needed at your end
  • Hassle-free and fast shipping - right to your door
  • Our processors are built with only the finest materials
  • We control costs so you can enjoy bigger savings on better equipment
  • Quality & Prices - compare ours to other manufacturers' equipment. You simply won't find a better value - Guaranteed!

Easy Operation: Our easy to use biodiesel processors need very little hands on time.

  1. Fill with reactor tank with feedstock oil
  2. Turn on the pump and heater
  3. Fill the chemical tank with methanol and KOH, or NaOH and mix until dissolved
  4. Turn heater off and transfer methoxide to reactor tank
  5. Mix for 1-2 hours and then let it settle for 2-3 hours
  6. Drain glycerol, and start methanol recovery
  7. Let biodiesel settle over night, and then drain glycerol
  8. Using metering pump, run biodiesel through dry wash tower
  9. You are done!!
Cautionary Note: By ordering any of our biodiesel processing equipment including dry wash towers, accessories, and supplies, you signify your consent to unconditionally indemnify and hold harmless Reliance Energy Resources, LLC,, their Principals, Officers, and Assigns against any and all liability and/or claims from operating, using, and/or misusing said equipment. Further, you certify that:
  • You have complete knowledge and understanding of the inherently hazardous nature of chemicals used in making biodiesel, and that you shall take all necessary safety precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

  • Said equipment, accessories, and supplies shall only be used in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and ordinances.

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