Biodiesel Filters - And - Filtration Systems

WVO and Biodiesel Filters and Quality Filtration Systems are essential for pre-filtering used oil, and cleaning and polishing of biodiesel fuel. The level of filtration is guided by the filter rating, usually measured in microns.

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Which biodiesel filter bags should you use? Coarse bags are good for initial filtering. Start with at least 100 micron. Bags can be placed inside each other for multiple micron size passes in one filtering session. Multiple bags can be fit onto an adapter head to use with a pump. 50 and 100 micron bags will be collecting the bulk of the debris. When filtering WVO make sure the oil is at least 100°F so that all fats melt away.

Whereas 7" diameter bags work best for gravity - high volume filtration, our 4" bags are best suited for tight spaces and smaller applications.

Filter bags - Prices listed are for FIVE bag packages.
Combo Pack - Contains one unit of each micron rated filter.
55 Gallon EZ-Strainer
Micron Size
5 Gallon EZ-Strainer
Micron Size
Polyester Filter Bag #1
Prices per 5 bag pack
Polyester Filter Bag #2
Prices per 5 bag pack
Polyester Filter Bag #3
Prices per 5 bag pack
Polyester Filter Bag #4
Prices per 5 bag pack
Polypropylene Filter Bag #1
Prices per 5 bag pack
Polypropylene Filter Bag #2
Prices per 5 bag pack
Nylon Filter Bag #1
Prices per 5 bag pack
Nylon Filter Bag #2
Prices per 5 bag pack
7” Filter Bag
Adapter Head

4” Filter Bag
Adapter Head

Filter Sizes:
  • #1 – 16” Long, 7” Diameter
  • #2 - 32” Long, 7” Diameter
  • #3 - 8” Long, 4” Diameter
  • #4 - 14” Long, 4” Diameter

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Our Low-Cost Solution for Biodiesel Filters and Filtration Systems!

Filter Bag Housing Kit:

Ours is a low cost solution for WVO and biodiesel filtration. The Filter Bag Housing Kit is ideally suited for pre-filtration of used oils, biodiesel, and for transferring fluids.

These kits perform equal to or better than more expensive systems available in the market today.

Our filtration equipment starter package includes an X100 filter bag housing (6"x20") - rated to 100 psi, carbon steel tripod legs, viton gasket, a differential pressure indicator, and 10 polypropylene filter bags, offering excellent chemical resistance for applications up to 200°F.

Filter Bag Housing Kits come with:

    WVO Filters: 5 micron polypropylene filter bags
    Biodiesel Filters: 1 micron polypropylene filter bags

Recommendation: If you are using homemade biodiesel, you should consider using 1 micron single-pass biodiesel filters for final filtration before using the fuel.

Please note: These Filter Bag Housing Kits and biodiesel filters do not eliminate the need to wash your biodiesel, either using a water wash, or a dry washing system.

Filter Bag Housing Kit

WVO / Biodiesel

The Mobile Filtration System:
MFS (single filter) and MFD (double filter) are compact, self contained filtration systems.

These filtration equipment are comprised of high efficiency, and high capacity elements that are capable of removing particulate contamination and/or water quickly. The filtration systems are convenient and economical to operate.

Perfect for Pre-filtration and Transferring WVO and Biodiesel!

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Mobile Filtration
System Model
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System Specifications:

  • Flow Rating: 14 gpm max
  • Operating Temperature: 25°F to 150°F
  • Maximum Viscosity: 1000 SUS (216 cSt)
  • Manifold and cap: Cast Iron
  • Element case: Steel
  • Motor: 115 VAC Single Phase 1.5 hp
  • Bypass Valve Setting: Cracking: 30 psi (2 bar)
  • For Larger Models, please contact.