Automated Biodiesel Processor
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Why use an automated biodiesel processor?

Home Biodiesel Production - Automated Processors greatly reduce the hands-on time with the equipment. Automated Processors also help reduce wastage, increase efficient use of resources, and better control when making biodiesel at home.

If you are one of the biodiesel companies that are making biodiesel fuel using manual biodiesel processors, you may wish to consider automating your current biodiesel processing equipment.

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Want To Automate Your Existing Biodiesel Processor?

Yes, We Can Help!

Automation in Bio diesel Equipment = Production Made Easy!

  • Has your Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipment tied you down?
  • Are you tired of spending a lot of time - making biodiesel?
  • Would you like to automate your existing system?

If "Yes", contact us to learn how we can help! put your existing biodiesel process equipment on Auto-Pilot.

We can provide an Automation System that will work with your existing biodiesel manufacturing equipment to help you save time and effort in producing biodiesel.

Our sister company, Control Electric Co., with over 18 years experience in the automation industry is ready to provide the most cost effective automation solution for your existing or new Biodiesel Processing Equipment.

A note of caution: While we can automate any biodiesel processing system, there are numerous small biodiesel processors currently in operation where the cost to automate would far exceed the cost of the processor and, therefore, the conversion can't be justified.

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